Tuesday, September 3, 2013

Where did you find those Retro Shoes?

I love when I come across a good find and always want to share the news! Some of you may already be aware but you would be surprised how many people are not familiar with the little gems over at Payless. If there is one thing to know about me is that I love retro/pinup style all that it stands for! This last year Payless has been beefing up their girly collection of shoes with a retro/vintage flair and I couldn't be happier. I get compliments constantly on these shoes and when I tell people I bought them at Payless their jaws drop in amazement!

A few months ago I picked up a pair of baby pink pumps with a black patent leather tie bow in the font and stitching along the side, these shoes are amazing! First of all their comfortable and second they look adorable with my pencil skirts, so vintage and sexy. Sadly these are sold out.

These are the Fioni Kipsie Stitch Peep Toe Heel....Take a look.

They also came in black!

Another little number I picked up is the Lipstick Bow Pump in black with white Polka Dot. I got these when they went on sale about two weeks ago for only $15 and they are still on SALE RIGHT NOW so hurry up and go grab a pair before they're gone!! These have an adorable bow on the front and scream pin-up girl! They too are pretty comfy but started off a bit stiff in the front so I sprayed them with "Stretch Genie" and now they're good to go! These are perfect with my circle skirts and skinny pants!

Just yesterday I swung by the store after viewing these beauties in a promotional email I received. Who doesn't love a pair of Mary Jane's, yet alone in a high heel - these were just too sexy to pass up! These are the Landry Mary Jane's and are on sale right now for $19.99 - and if you exercise the BOGO that starts today you can get them for only $10 bucks if you buy a second pair at the same price or higher. I actually have these on right now and I'm loving them.

Wednesday, August 21, 2013

A Sneak Peak at what's making it's way to my sewing table:

New Look 6000  - Retro Style Dress
Vogue V8465 - Asymmetrical Coat and Jacket
Simplicity 1609 - 1960 Vintage Dress

Fall Jacket - Cloak 4176 by Lekala Patterns

I decided to challenge myself and make a jacket for the first time. It was a great accomplishment for me considering I never thought I would be able to complete such a complex garment. Turns out it wasn't so complex after all! After browsing around the Craftsy website I stumbled upon Lekala patterns, who knew getting a custom sized pattern made to your specifications would be so inexpensive, actually Cheap is more like it! It only cost me $2.50 for the pattern, is this insane or what? I thought surely this is a gimmick of some type, I'll get the pattern and it will be a mess, or impossible to assembly but much to my surprise and delight it was a breeze to construct. It comes in a PDF format that is emailed to you but you have to be sure that you indicate you want the pattern on 8.5x11 sheets otherwise you may receive it in a format that you cannot print.

The pattern went together like a dream, if I tell you that I barely even glanced at the instructions I kid you not! Granted they are translated from Russian and not a good translation at that so they are barely usable but they help you get the basic idea of what goes where - for the most part you have to depend on your sewing skills so I would say with all certainly this pattern is not for the beginner but more so for the advanced intermediate.

I knew I wanted it to be a light jacket so I chose a Black Gabardine fabric. I also knew I wanted to let my creative side go wild so I decided on a leopard satin lining which was almost impossible to find. Reason being that I wanted the lining to be a brushed satin which is basically a satin with one side shiny and a warm almost flannel feeling second side, I thought this would suit me well on the chilly days that lead into winter. I searched high and low, online and off for the leopard brushed satin but it was not to be found so I put on my crazy cap and thought "What is usually made out of brushed Satin?" I came up with Pajamas! Companies often make PJ's out of this fabric due to its warm and cozy texture so I went on a hunt for some over-sized pajamas because obviously the bigger the size the more fabric to work with and I found the perfect set. It was a 3X button down shirt and pants leopard pajama set, I was in love! I ordered that bad boy and receive it within the week. Keep in mind it was way cheaper than if I would have ordered the fabric by the yard, at least one third the price thanks to Ebay.

I proceed to cut the shirt lapels and buttons off and use the shirt (sleeves and all) as the lining, it was perfect! I needed a tiny bit extra fabric for the inside bottom of the jacket as the shirt was just a couple of inches shorter than the jacket so I just took the pants apart at the seams and sewed on the extra few inches, due to the leopard print you can't even see the seam at all!

The hardest part about making this jacket was the getting the lining to lay just right, other than that small challenge it was fun to make and I will definitely be making another one in the future (a burgundy fabric is calling my name!).

Overall pattern impression:

Pattern or Self Drafted: Pattern by Lekala - Cloak 4176
Is the pattern picture/illustration true to life: Yes
Ease of assembly/instructions: Instructions weren't very helpful but assembly was not difficult to figure out for someone with moderate experience .
Fabric Used for this garment: Gabardine from Joann's Fabric 
Would I recommend this to others: Absolutely
Will I be making it again: Yes 
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Friday, August 16, 2013

Minty Cool Parfait Maxi

When it was time to write my first post, I had to consider all the items that i've recently made, all the patterns I have and of course all my favorites and decide which would be spotlighted as my very first post. I decided on the Parfait by Colette Patterns. The reason I chose this dress is because I have used this pattern the most in the last couple of years and have made 5 (3 dresses, 1 maxi and 1 tunic) I guess it's safe to say I really love this pattern.

Now onto the pattern review for my Minty Parfait Maxi:

One of the reasons I love this pattern is because of how easily it all comes together. At first glance it seems like a lot of pattern pieces but they actual assemble pretty quickly once all cut out.  My favorite part of the pattern is the Bodice, it is extremely flattering on all body types as I've seen by the many variations on the internet. While it comes with button tab straps, I chose to omit the buttons on this maxi and instead attached the tabs directly to the dress and it worked out nicely.

The skirt is an A-line and it fit well without any alterations to the sizing which is not always the case with store bought patterns (which is another reason I love indie companies). I have been wanting to create a maxi version of the Parfait since I saw Tabitha of ThreadCarefully's rendition and was quite impressed, that's when I knew I had to make one. As for the construction, I simply lengthened the skirt by following the natural lines of the pattern about 23" but controlled the flare as to not have it appear to wide at the bottom, it was a very easy alteration to make.

I was dying to make a mint dress for over a year so I used a light softly embroidered mint green cotton that I purchased from fabric.com. Once I received it I found it to be a bit sheer so I opted to line the skirt in a skin tone lining. I also increased the length of the facing on the bodice to self-line it as well. I eliminated the zipper because honestly I just forgot to pick one up and I didn't have a coordinating color on hand and just didn't want to wait to finish the dress. Luckily the cotton gives a bit so I am able to slip it on over my head without stretching it out.

Overall I am very happy with the finished piece and would definitely make one again next summer. Thank you for taking the time to check out my blog and I hope you'll stop by again!

Pattern or Self Drafted: Pattern by Colette - Parfait
Is the pattern picture/illustration true to life: Yes
Ease of assembly/instructions: Instruction were very easy to follow and the illustrations were a plus!
Fabric Used for this garment: Lightly Embroidered Cotton from Fabric.com
Would I recommend this to others: Absolutely
Will I be making it again: Yes (I have made 5 and will most certainly make more)
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